A Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand

Sadly, the liberal news media along with “conservative” radio personalities have more influence over pharisaical Christians than common sense and wisdom in regards to whether or not to vote for the pro-Christian candidate.

“If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” -Jesus

It would seem to be a no-brainer when faced with such a dilemma. Common sense says, the conservatives third party vote will only divide and harm a conservative victory because it will be helping the evil (anti-Christian) party prevail. Wisdom says, unless you want the evil (anti-Christian) party to win, don’t do it.

Even though Trump’s policies are just about as pro-Christian as we have ever had in a presidential candidate, voting for him has been labeled “sinful” by Pharisees because he is not a born again Christian… and it shows. Therein lies your pharisaical attitude: snubbing ones nose to the heathen at the very cost of our nation’s own religious freedoms. Was Christ able to eat with sinners without receiving ridicule from the Pharisees? “He eats with sinners, why he must approve of and be for sin!” just as we who vote Trump are being accused of the same. Why would a believer expect for a non-believer to repent to our God in which he does not know? Until one gets saved, it’s unrealistic to expect one would do such a thing. Their strategy to win Trumps soul: continuous undeserving ridicule and judgment that no one would ever wish upon themselves (guilty until proven innocent) and #NeverTrump. The foul mouth should be held accountable but shouldn’t the energy be spent first on the foul mouth that is also a murderous criminal? Where are the priorities?

Apparently, true Christians are not allowed to influence the outcome of an election unless it’s of benefit to the anti-Christian candidate. Trump may be un-Christian, but he is not anti-Christian. In fact, he is pro-Christian in looking at his policies.

Discouraging people to vote for Trump only strengthens the anti-Christian party’s ability to win and carry out Hillary Clinton’s agenda. Encouraging people to vote for Trump strengthens the the pro-Christian party’s ability to win and carry out his agenda.

Lives that could be saved from being killed in the womb by this murderous-criminal Hillary are more important than bringing justice to law-abiding, potty-mouth Trump. Priorities matter.

Is it sinful to vote Trump? The opposite is true. If his opponent was Christ, you could say, it is bad to vote Trump over Christ. That is not our circumstance. His opponent is anti-Christ. It is good to vote Trump considering his opponent.

“To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” -James (James 4:17)

Other than Hillary, Trumps other candidential opponents are third party conservative vote splitters which only harm (divide) conservatives.

“If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” -Jesus (Mark 3:24)

By default, the minority vote will never prevail over the majority vote. Common sense?

To not tarnish your witness to the lost or ruin your reputation by voting Trump might sound as an admirable idea to the weak and fearful, but is in all actuality foolish and selfish when considering the evil you are forfeiting to. Be unapologetic, trust God and don’t worrying about what others may think of you. Christ dealt with the same attitudes. He didn’t care that people thought low of him for eating with sinners. He considered what was at stake and did it anyway. Character is more important than reputation.

[This article was written by Isaiah Turk, and is republished here with his permission.]

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