WHY THE FAIRTAX IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION—even more important than immigration and abortion

The FairTax is the most important bill to ever be submitted to Congress in my lifetime. Why so? Because the FairTax enables the solving of many serious problems that are presently tearing down the USA, and which probably cannot be solved unless the FairTax is implemented. This article will explain why the FairTax is the only tax plan presently being proposed by presidential candidates which will enable us to overcome the following problems (plus many others): illegal immigration, abortion, the national debt, and ObamaCare. Here is how:

The FairTax removes the need for the IRS

The FairTax eliminates all federal taxes and the 74,608 pages of IRS tax code, and replaces them with one flat tax on consumption that is fully explained in 67 pages! It is a flat tax on the first sale only of new items to the end consumer. No tax is collected on used items. And no taxes are collect on items sold wholesale. There are other flat tax plans being promoted by various candidates, but they are a flat tax on income, not on consumption. Therefore they cannot do away with the IRS, no matter what their proponents may claim. The FairTax is collected by merchants and states, not by the federal government, so the IRS is truly eliminated. This is extremely important for reasons explained below.

The FairTax removes the possibility of the IRS being used to punish and destroy critics of the current administration

By eliminating the IRS, the FairTax eliminates the possibility of corrupt government officials using the IRS to punish their critics and reward their corrupt friends. That the IRS has denied conservative organizations non-profit status, while granting non-profit status to left-wing organizations—thus giving left-wing organizations a huge advantage in promoting their wicked ideas—has been in the news a lot recently. Yet, no IRS officials have yet been punished for their criminal acts. Such wickedness will not be nearly as easy under the FairTax.

The FairTax removes the muzzles that the IRS has placed on preachers and churches to prevent them from influencing legislation

Have you wondered why the US government has become so corrupt, and why our laws have been changed to be so insanely against everything that is right and good, and that made the USA great in past years? It is because the IRS has muzzled preachers and churches with unconstitutional tax laws to prevent them from influencing legislation. To terrorize preachers into silence, a number of churches have even been shut down and their properties confiscated (read stolen) for breaking these evil laws. If a watchdog has been muzzled, he cannot bark to warn of danger. Thus, a multitude of wicked “politically correct” laws have been passed, which are “politically correct” only to the perverted and depraved minds of atheists. Such laws are actually “politically wicked” and are designed to stamp out freedom of speech.

Consider how much easier it will be to outlaw the murder of unborn babies if the muzzles are removed from the mouths of the thousands of pastors in the US—thus allowing them to properly inform their flocks on how to vote! The FairTax will break the chains of bondage put on pastors and churches by the IRS, so that they can more effectively be the salt of the earth. This is the main reason—but not the only reason—the FairTax is the most important bill to be considered by the American people and Congress in my lifetime.

The FairTax removes the core appeal of illegal immigration

Foreigners have learned that, if they enter the USA illegally rather than legally, they can work illegally for much lower wages than citizens, yet still net a much better wage than in their own country by never paying income tax. Corrupt businessmen like to employ people in the US illegally because they can illegally pay them much lower wages than they would have to pay to citizens or legal immigrants. Democrat politicians want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants in order to buy their votes. Democrat politicians are like the Mafia: they protect law breakers in exchange for their votes which enables the corrupt Democrat politicians to defeat good politicians in elections. This in turn enables the corrupt politicians to pass laws that “legally” rob law-abiding citizens and law-abiding immigrants through unjust taxation. Thus, the illegal immigrants, wicked businessmen, and corrupt politicians all profit from the crimes that harm honest immigrants and citizens. Thus evil is rewarded, and good is kicked in the teeth. Democrats know that illegal immigrants, refugees, and even legal immigrants who hate Christian culture (like those Obama is bringing in “legally” from ISIS infested Syria) will all vote Democrat. So, if they can import enough of those type of people, then they will be able to win all future elections, and therefore stay in power permanently. Corrupt politicians, who care only about themselves, have no qualms about doing such wickedness, even if it totally destroys their own country. Witness what is happening in France right now, with the socialist president of France, François Hollande, announcing immediately after the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris that he will continue to allow more Muslim refugees into France. It is insane, but it will help him stay in power—at least for a while. Atheists are fools just like the Bible says. If you want a fool to lead your country to Hell, then vote socialist.

The FairTax makes this type of crime much less profitable. Under the FairTax the only way illegal immigrants could avoid paying tax would be by stealing every item they need or want. That would be much more risky, and they would not get away with it for long. Thus it would not be nearly as profitable for them to work for much lower wages than citizens and legal immigrants, and many would therefore decide to return to their home countries. Wicked businessmen would therefore be forced to pay those that stay higher wages, thus making the crime less profitable for them also. And since there would be less illegals for the Democrats to exploit for votes, it would be less worth their time to do so.

The FairTax by itself would not totally solve the illegal immigration problem, but it does partly solve it, and without it it is doubtful that the problem can be solved at all. No other tax plan does anything to help solve the illegal immigration problem.

The FairTax removes the possibility of lobbyists bribing congressmen to subvert legislation for the sole tax benefit of big businesses

The IRS tax code is so huge that no one knows it all. Probably every citizen in the US has unknowingly broken some part of it, and could therefore be prosecuted and punished. It is so huge that adding or subtracting a few paragraphs here or there will be noticed by almost no one outside of Washington. Therefore it is very easy for lobbyists from large companies to bribe congressmen to modify the tax code to give them huge tax breaks which will not be available to smaller businesses. Such bribes may be paid in the form of large “donations” to their superpacs to help them get elected or re-elected. Such corruption becomes much, much harder to accomplish under the FairTax, which is very simple, and is only 67 pages long, and could not be changed in any way without many people noticing.

The FairTax removes the possibility of corrupt politicians secretly raising new taxes

Since ALL other federal taxes are forbidden by the FairTax bill, there will be no other federal tax except the FairTax. You will know exactly how much tax you are paying by simply looking at the receipt for whatever item you are buying. Therefore, corrupt politicians will not be able to raise the tax without you knowing it.

The FairTax removes the extreme cost of complying with the IRS tax code

Americans waste a total of approximately five hundred billion dollars ($500,000,000,000.00) every year filling out paperwork and in other ways complying with IRS tax regulations. Not only is money wasted, but a huge amount of time is wasted, and this hinders the economy, and causes unnecessary worry and stress. Under the FairTax there will be no tax forms for consumers to fill out, and no special accounting will be necessary except for businesses when they sell new items. Businesses and states will be compensated for the work they do in collecting the tax. The average buyer will have no paperwork whatsoever. This one half trillion dollars no longer wasted will enable people to buy useful things that will actually benefit them, thus greatly stimulating the economy.

The FairTax removes the cause of businesses moving their factories to other countries.

The IRS makes businesses located in the USA pay taxes on labor and supplies, which add to the costs which US businesses must charge for their products both in the USA and in the world marketplace, thus making them less competitive or not competitive at all. Because of this, many companies have moved their factories to foreign countries where labor is cheaper. Thus the IRS costs Americans jobs, and greatly harms the economy.

It must be realized that businesses never actually pay taxes on their income. They just simply increase the price of their products to include the tax. Thus, it is always the end user that pays the tax whether he realizes it or not. Corrupt politicians love to tax businesses, because such taxes are hidden from the consumer, thus preventing the consumers’ wrath from being poured out upon them.

The FairTax abolishes these hidden taxes, and taxes manufactured goods only once: at the point of the first sale of the product to the end user. Since the USA is the largest market in the world, by removing these hidden taxes, the FairTax makes it more profitable for companies to move their factories—and the jobs they provide—back the USA, so that they don’t have to pay shipping costs to get their products here. They can thus sell their products at much more competitive prices. Thus the FairTax helps both businesses and the consumers of their products.

The FairTax removes the cause of businesses moving their headquarters to offshore tax havens

Companies exist to make a profit. There is nothing wrong with a company making a profit, as long as nothing is done to make that profit by cheating or destroying competition by, for example, bribing corrupt politicians to pass laws making that business a monopoly. IRS rules have made it much harder for legitimate businesses to make a profit if their headquarters are in the USA. Therefore, many of them have moved, not just their factories and blue-collar jobs, but also their headquarters, and all the office jobs provided by those headquarters, to other countries.

By eliminating the IRS and its corrupt socialist rules, the FairTax makes USA into the tax haven capital of the world, and will return those business headquarters back to the US along with an estimated thirteen trillion dollars of capital. The end result will be the greatest prosperity that we Americans have ever seen.

The FairTax removes the problem of the Social Security Fund being depleted

Social Security is actually socialism, and young people should not be forced into the program. Moreover, due to unbridled government spending, the Social Security Fund is very wickedly being robbed to pay the interest on the national debt. Therefore, the Social Security Fund is rapidly being depleted. Many congressmen are using this depletion as an excuse to end the program, and no longer pay benefits to the people who were forced to pay into the program all their lives. Being forced to pay into the Social Security program robbed them of funds that they could have invested in far better retirement plans. Now they are old, and many of them are dependent on Social Security for food and other basic needs. Thus senior citizens are being robbed for a second time at a time in their lives when they can least afford to be robbed. This is a sin right out of Hell.

Young people should not be forced into Social Security, but people who have paid into it all their lives, should receive the promised benefits. The FairTax plan has the potential to sufficiently revive the economy more than enough to restore the money that has been stolen from the Social Security Fund, so that the government can send checks as promised to those who have paid into the fund.

The FairTax removes the threat of not being able to pay off the $19 trillion national debt

The Democrats and elitist, establishment Republicans (Democrats, falsely claiming to be Republicans, such as the Bushes, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and many others who vote Democrat on all important legislation) have robbed our children and grandchildren of their inheritance, and have spent the money on phony, atheist-based social experiments (such as global warming, ObamaCare, gay marriage, and other lie-based programs) the sole purpose of which is to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense. The only thing presently preventing bankruptcy is fraudulent bookkeeping and robbing the Social Security fund. The economy is very likely to collapse very soon after Obama leaves office. The next president had better have an excellent economic plan ready to reform the economy, or else we will soon be a third-world country living in poverty. In my opinion, FairTax is not just a tax plan, but is an excellent economic plan. Furthermore, I believe that the FairTax is the only economic plan that can revive an economy as close to bankruptcy as ours is.

The FairTax removes the threat that our military may be unable to rebuild

The frightful fact is, Obama has just about destroyed our military. He has been systematically destroying our nuclear weapons, and has starved our military of the funds needed to maintain equipment. He has forced such treasonous rules of engagement upon our soldiers, that they are blocked from victory. This has so demoralized them that more of them commit suicide than are killed by the enemy. While our military has been drastically weakened, Russia and China have been rapidly building next generation weapons designed specifically to defeat us. Only the FairTax provides a plan to so strongly stimulate the economy that our military can be swiftly revived.

The FairTax removes the penalty for getting married and having children

Most people do not realize that the money they paid into Social Security paid for their parent’s benefits, not their own. So, if they don’t have children, there is no one to pay for their own Social Security benefits. That is the major reason that liberal politicians of both parties give to support amnesty and allowing unvettable Muslim refugees into the country: so that there will be workers to pay into Social Security. Birth control has thus undermined our national security. Democrats, the children haters that they are, have effectively used the IRS to force people to use birth control, in direct disobedience to God’s command to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Gen. 1:28), thus bringing God’s judgement upon us. Consider the future if Muslims have many children, and Christians have few. Who will win elections? Who will dominate? And who will be in danger?

The FairTax removes the penalty for obeying God, thus making it easier for God-fearing people to bear and raise children, thus giving hope for a better, more secure future.

The FairTax removes the government’s ability to know how much money you make or have

Since the FairTax is a sales tax, not an income tax, tax payers don’t have to fill out forms revealing how much money they made, etc., thus protecting the taxpayers’ privacy. Since congressmen will have no way of knowing your income or wealth, they will be less tempted to try to raise the tax rate.

The FairTax removes criminals ability to easily avoid paying tax

It is estimated that one trillion dollars of taxes are lost every year due to criminals (for example drug dealers, human traffickers, etc.) not filing income tax forms. That is a lot of money. But even criminals have to buy things. They can’t get away with stealing everything they need or want for very long. So, whether they like it or not, it will be much more difficult for them to avoid paying taxes. This will make crime less profitable for them, and encourage them to get  honest work instead. And it will provide a lot more money to pay off the national debt and fight crime.

The FairTax (hopefully) removes the problem of ObamaCare

Since the SCOTUS has declared ObamaCare to be a tax, and all federal taxes are abolished under the FairTax, therefore ObamaCare should also be abolished.

There are many other benefits provided by the FairTax. There is not space here to list them all.

Are you beginning to see why the FairTax is so important? It helps solve many of the most pressing problems brought upon us by the atheistic, ungodly, socialist policies of the Democrat party. It is not just a tax plan, but is a fantastic economic plan as well. And it will help restore freedoms lost under godless Democrat socialist rule.

Why I believe the FairTax will fulfill its promises

I’m extremely confident that the FairTax will work as promised because it is based on the Bible principle that all humans are born with a sinful human nature—this includes all congressmen and government officials. Unless transformed by the power of the new birth, humans will lie, cheat, and steal. The FairTax is designed to give as little opportunity as possible to corrupt politicians and corrupt citizens to cheat and steal.

In contrast, socialism is based upon the naive idea that all people—especially Democrat politicians—are good, and if you just talk to them nice, and treat them fairly, they will do right. That is just a big lie, as America is learning the hard way. Don’t ever forget what Obama said: “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.” Does that prove socialism is right or wrong?

In conclusion, the FairTax is the most important bill ever before congress in our lifetimes. It is an opportunity for Americans to “turn from their wicked ways” (2 Chronicles 7:14) so that God can once again bless America.

The only current presidential candidate that supports the FairTax is Mike Huckabee, so you can be sure that he has my vote, and you would do well to give him your vote also. Are you a person of action, who wants to do, not just talk? Then click here now to donate some some money to help Huckabee win the primary. If the primary election is lost, then the cause is lost. It is very important to win Iowa which is coming right up. Remember the widow’s mite. Don’t think that what you can give is too little to help—every cent helps! If you can give more, then do so. I made my donation a recurring payment for the length of Huckabee’s campaign, and I encourage you to do so also. And please encourage all your friends (on Facebook or wherever they are) to read this article. There is so much at stake. Let’s put our whole heart into winning! There is no substitute for victory!

Click here to go to fairtax.org.

Read the full text of the FairTax Act of 2015 here: H.R. 25 – FairTax Act of 2015

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