Sen. James Inhofe is a FairTax co-sponsor

FairTax representitive Peggy Green-Ernst with Sen. James Inhofe.

We were pleased to learn that Sen. James Inhofe is a FairTax co-sponsor. Says Peggy Green-Ernst:

A FAIRtax Pinning Ceremony with Senator James Inhofe!
Senator James Inhofe (OK), pictured above with me, has been a strong Cosponsor for the Fair Tax Act, S.155. In appreciation of his support, I met with him to give him a FAIRtax lapel pin which I pinned on his jacket. Then, we had an enjoyable 30 minute conversation. When I first arrived, the Senator had just left to deliver some remarks on the floor of the Senate, and his Tax Legislative Assistant Dan Hillenbrand and I met until the Senator returned. Senator Inhofe is Chairman of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, and also serves on the Armed Services Committee. It is important for us to continue to thank our Cosponsors for their vocal support! – See more at:
The FairTax is gaining more and more support among conservatives as they take the time to learn what it is an how it works, and has a very good chance of becoming law—especially if Mike Huckabee, the strongest supporter of the FairTax among the presidential candidates (perhaps the only one)—becomes president. The FairTax abolishes the IRS, and replaces it with a consumption tax. Read more about it here:

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