The media is FOR Trump NOT against him

It amazes me how easily conservatives can be deceived by the liberal media. Are we going to be so foolish as to let them choose the Republican presidential candidate for us once again? We conservatives must open our eyes! and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Among all the Republicans who is the media giving the overwhelming chance to present his views? That is the candidate they want to be the Republican candidate. Their main choice is Donald Trump—the man who has supported their liberal causes for years. Otherwise, they would just ignore him as though he didn’t exist. With Trump’s long history of gambling casinos, and purposely taking businesses into bankruptcy, and financially supporting Democrats, do we actually believe that he is now really and truly a conservative? Have we not noticed that he said that the Supreme Court decision supporting sodomite marriage is now the law of the land, and should be obeyed? Trump doesn’t even know our Constitution well enough to know that the Supreme Court can’t make laws. Are we actually going to vote for a man who is pro-sodomy and ignorant of the very basic things about government? Then we are fools.

Illegal immigration is indeed an extremely important issue, but it is not the only extremely important issue. We cannot ignore blantant immorality, and think that everything will be OK if we just expel illegal immigrants. Otherwise, the USA will never be great again, no matter what Trump claims. Trump is not the saviour. Only God can save us. We vitally need a president who believes in and is trying to obey God. We need a man of prayer and wisdom.

Who is the man the liberal media fears the most? You will be sure that they will just ignore him as though he isn’t even running. If they do say anything about him it will be to deceptively make it look as though he is doing so poorly that he is about to drop out of the race. The man the media fears the most is Gov. Mike Huckabee—the man who beat the Clinton machine in Arkansas. They know that Huckabee is not just talk, but has a long history of effectively fighting for conservative principles. The liberal media does not want Huckabee to be heard because they know that he communicates the truth very simply and clearly. They know that he can beat the Clintons because he has done so in the past. Not only did he beat their man for governor in Arkansas, but he worked to put many of their corrupt politicians into prison for their corruption. Gov. Huckabee is a very tough leader of conviction and character. Far tougher than Trump has ever even thought of being.

Gov. Huckabee is also the only candidate still in the race that has extensive experience running the executive branch of a government. He was the governor of Arkansas for 10 and 1/2 years. Our country is in crisis. We can’t afford to elect someone who has never been a government executive, and has to learn how to do it from scratch. Gov. Huckabee has visited virtually every country in the Middle East, and has visited Israel many, many times. More than any other candidate, he knows first hand the problems in that critical part of the world. We need a wise, experienced man, who has a long history of strong conservative convictions. Not someone who just newly decided to talk like a conservative in order to get votes. All these reasons make Gov. Huckabee the only wise choice.

So, yes, I endorse Gov. Mike Huckabee for POTUS.  Listen to what he has to say in this interview:

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