Don’t be stupid: Ryan = Boehner

When clean water compromises with dirty water you end up with dirty water every time. The dirty water always wins. If the Freedom Caucus accepts Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, then we are in for the same old RINO leadership as before. It will be the spirit of Boehner in a different body. How much more stupid can Republicans get? The Washington Post reports:

Some [Freedom Caucus members], citing Ryan’s demand to jettison the House rule allowing a simple majority to oust a speaker at virtually any time, said it would be nearly impossible for him to earn their support. Others argued that Ryan could be the type of transformative leader that House Republicans need.

So, you are going to vote for a man just as liberal (or more so) than Boehner, and also make it impossible to get rid of him when he stabs you in the back?!!! How much more dumb can you get than that?

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