Hypocritical gun free zoners

If gun free zones actually make an area safer, then the White House should be made into a gun free zone. Disarm everyone, including all the guards around the White House, so that Mr. Obama will be safer. What is good for children is surely good for Obama. And in Afghanistan we should disarm all our troops so that they will be safer. Let’s also disarm all our police so that all our streets will be safer. Of course, al-Qaeda and the Taliban and the criminals on our streets don’t have to be disarmed because they will just put down all their guns automatically the moment our troops and police are disarmed! They will all obey the law—that is why they are called outlaws. Everybody with any common sense at all knows this!

Everyone knows that criminals are good, law-abiding citizens, and would never commit crimes with stolen guns not registered in their own names. Adam Lanza used his own guns registered in his own name, not guns stolen from his mother, right? Criminals always obey laws, so criminals will definitely, without fail, obey a new law that forbids them to own certain types of guns. Just look at how careful criminals already are to obey the gun-control laws that are already on the books! Haven’t you noticed that Adam Lanza obeyed all the laws making it a crime to commit murder? Why just make a law, and automatically criminals will stop breaking the law! This is no-brainer logic that everyone with no-brainer logic knows is true!

That is why anti-Second-Amendment NBC host David Gregory, and anti-Second-Amendment Barack Obama, send their children to a private school which has armed security guards. How do I know that the school has armed guards? Because on the web site of the school, Sidwell Friends School, there is a post made Januari 3, 2012 which reads as follows:

Sidwell Friends School is seeking a full-time Shift Supervisor for the Security Department. This is a hands-on role that also has responsibilities as a Special Police Officer. Applicants must have a current SPO license, pass criminal background checks & drug/alcohol testing, possess basic computer skills, have the ability to write clear, concise investigative reports and interview witnesses, suspects & victims. The Shift Supervisor is responsible for directing, instructing and organizing security assigned to various shifts. (http://www.sidwell.edu/news/article/index.aspx?linkid=27413&moduleid=379)

Note the words I’ve emphasized in red. An SPO license is a Special Police Officer license that allows a security guard to be armed. Now, why are armed guards allowed at the school where Obama’s children attend school? If it is guns—and not criminals—that murder people, then why are guns allowed at that school. Might not those guns jump out of their owner’s holsters, and start killing children at that school? It is guns that have evil hearts, not people. All people are good. When Adam Lanza shot all those children, it was not his fault. His mother’s guns just took control of him, and made his finger pull the trigger against his will. The same thing might happen to one of those guards. And, in case you did not notice, it was guns—not terrorists—that hijacked airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center. Guns did it! Is anyone so blind that they can’t see that simple fact?!

So, I must conclude that Barack Obama was an absolute hypocrite for having Osama Bin Laden killed, when Obama knew all along that it wasn’t Osama that committed all the murder of innocent civilians that was attributed to him, but rather guns did it. And Obama is also a hypocrite for allowing his children to go to a school that has armed guards, when he knows that the guns those guards carry very well may murder his own children. Not only is he a hypocrite, but he obviously doesn’t love his children to put them in such danger. If he really loved his children he would put them into “gun free zone” schools like he wants for your children.

Of course, much of the above is satire, which is “the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.” (Dictionary.com).

What is the real reason Adam Lanza murdered those children? Why obviously it was because he rejected God and God’s laws. It has been reported that he was a Goth (http://www.nationalledger.com/politics-crime/adam-lanza-described-as-goth-with-104855.shtml#.UNhrp2a9NFo). And what is a modern day Goth?

Members of the Gothic community define themselves as free thinkers. While outsiders looking in often see the Goth way of life as dark and rather morbid, “Goth unashamedly celebrates the dark recesses of the human psyche,” according to A Goth Primer Web site, which includes “dark sensuality, sweeping sadness, morbid fascination, forbidden love, the beauty of enduring pain …”

“Many people lead unhappy, unachieved lives … Goth makes depression and angst a lifestyle choice, and that’s art,” A Goth Primer continues.

. . .

The characteristic “Goth” is reclusive and melancholy, yet smart, and many come from educated backgrounds. Goths do wear mostly dark clothing and share a general dissatisfaction with society and/or a desire to be different.

. . .

A new study published in the British Medical Journal did find some telling results. After quizzing 1,258 young people about self-harm and their links to various youth cultures, it was found that Goths had the strongest link to self-harm.

While the rate of self-harm among young people in general turned out to be between 7 and 14 percent, 53 percent of those linked to the Goth subculture reported self-harm, and 47 percent had attempted suicide.

“Although only fairly small numbers of young people identify themselves as belonging to the Goth subculture, rates of self-harm and attempted suicide are very high among this group,” said Robert Young, lead researcher of the Glasgow University study. (http://www.sixwise.com/newsletters/06/04/26/the-modern-goth-subculture-who-are-these-youths.htm)

“Free thinkers”? Free from what? Why free from God and God’s laws, of course. A so-called “free thinker” in a person who thinks he or she is smarter than God. “Free thinker” is just another term for “atheist.”

Atheism is the root cause of all the mass murders taking place in the USA today. Atheists have bloody hands. Atheists are the ones promoting un-born baby murder, too. Talk about mass murder! It is atheists who are responsible for the millions of babies slaughtered in cold-blood since Roe versue Wade. Atheists, not guns, murdered all those innocent babies. It is the atheists who want to kill old people just because they are old.

The Democrat Party is the party of atheism and murder. Let them take away our guns so that they no longer fear an armed revolt against their tyranny, and they will in cold blood slaughter all who dare to criticize them, just like they are slaughtering all those helpless, innocent, unborn babies.

The real reason that the atheist, socialist, communist Democrat Party wants to ban guns is so that they can set up a dictatorship. It certainly isn’t because they love your children, whom they didn’t want you to conceive in the first place, and wanted you to abort in the second place. They don’t love your children; they didn’t even want your children to be born. They just love lust, and evil, and wickedness, and death, and insane control over other people to deny them of free speech. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Psalm 14:1), and that lack of fear in God results in all kinds of violence. Atheism is the cause of all the violence. The cause of all the violence is: ATHEISM.

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