Why they wouldn’t let Tebow play

I’m not really a football fan. I usually couldn’t care less who wins a football game. But after all the news about Tim Tebow last year, I began to pay attention to what was happening to him. When, after all his wins, the Denver Broncos very unfairly dumped him I really began to pay attention. Then when the New York Jets chose him to be their backup quarterback I began to get suspicious. New York is one of the most liberal, atheist areas in the whole USA. So, I suspected that he was only chosen by the Jets to keep him from playing—because his winning was encouraging people to become Christians.

Was I right? Certainly looks like it. Obviously the Jets’ manager and coach—or owner—, would rather lose every game than take a chance on a Tebow-led victory. The message they sent was loud and clear: “Don’t be a Christian, because we are going to make sure you don’t have a chance if you are a Christian—even if that means we lose.”

And so they did lose. Many fans are calling now for the manager and coach of the Jets be fired. I wonder if that makes them feel happy and successful. Such deep, irrational hatred is typical of atheists. They only hated Tebow because of their hatred for God. As the Bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”

Having said that, here is the only atheist written article about Tebow that I found to have any merit: Let My Tebow Go – NYTimes.com.

Read this article also—paying special attention to the conclusion: The People Who Hate Tim Tebow

Tebow is a much, much, much better quarterback than any sports reporters wanted to admit this season. Most of them very cowardly started their articles off with “I’m not a Christian” to make sure they didn’t end up getting the same treatment they saw being given to Tebow. Look at Tebow’s college record and you will see just how great and dynamic a quarterback he was—and no doubt still is. Remember “Tebow time” from last season?

Stay true Tim. You are a diamond among gravel. They feel guilty around you. Don’t let them pull you down to their level. You are a winner. And they are losers. The only way they can beat you is to somehow keep you from playing. And even then they lose, and you win. Isn’t it amazing—and a little amusing too—how emotional they have been in their failed efforts to try to suppress your testimony?! The harder they tried, the more attention people paid to your testimony! Now even God’s worst enemies respect you, as does also the whole USA.

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