30 videos showing Mitt Romney advocating ultra-radical-liberal positions

Republican voters’ ignorance of Mitt Romney’s ultra-radical-liberal history is extremely alarming. Romney has supported the atheist/humanist agenda all the time he has spent in public office. He is just a Democrat running on the Republican ticket. He is the absolute worst and most dangerous candidate for president the Republican Party has ever seen. If he becomes president he will do more damage than Obama has, and how can Republicans complain if they have voted him into office? At least Obama has some opposition from the Republican Party. Romney would have virtually no opposition at all as he crammed the Democrat agenda down our throats.

The following link will take you to a youtube page of 30 short videos showing Romney advocating his radical atheist/humanist positions.  Watch and hear Romney tell you in his own words what he really stands for. Please watch these videos, then send this link to everyone you know.


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