Petition Huckabee to run for president

I was very encouraged this morning to receive from my son a link to a web site petitioning Gov. Mike Huckabee to run for president. I have signed this petition, and placed the following note to Gov. Huckabee in the comments section:

Dear Gov. Huckabee,

We realize that you are not God, and therefore cannot save the USA from the catastropic results of her horribly foolish decisions of the the past few years. But you are the only person who is taking a strong stand on the side of God and God-based political decisions. Without you there is no one Christians can vote for. We need a leader who will turn our country back to faith in the God who _can_ save us.

I believe that you owe it to the decendents of all the soldiers who have died to keep the USA free to get back in the race so that Americans have opportunity to make a godly decision regarding who should be our next president.

If you want Americans to have faith in God, then you are going to have to show some faith in God yourself by trusting that God will supply all the needs of your campain as you need them. Don’t trust in rich men to support you, but rather in our rich God who owns all riches, and can give them to whoever He pleases. Having said that, I will add that, by God’s grace, I’ll help you (and HUCKPAC) to the maximum of my ability in every way that I can—provided you get back in the race. And I’m confident that many thousands of others will do the same.

Please read: Better than Ronald Reagan

I still believe what I wrote in that article. Like Esther, you are the person for such a time as this. Wicked, vicious people are determined to destroy the USA, and we know that they will show you no mercy. They are liars and slanderers and criminals. There is no limits to the depths of wickedness they will try to use against you. But that is the very reason that this is one fight from which none of us can afford to back down. Either we win in 2012, or we and our children lose everything. That is how I see it, and I think I see it right. May God have mercy on our children and grandchildren if we lose this fight.

I did not stop praying for you when you dropped out of the race, and will continue to pray for you until you get back in the race and have won.

In Christ,
Dr. Louis A. Turk

Folks, our country is being driven over the brink into a godlessness from which we will very likely never return. We must not hesitate for even a second. Fight now while you can for the sake of your children and grandchildren. Sign the Petition! Then send the link to the petition to all your friends.

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