Huckabee out? No! Absolutely not!

There have been many malicious articles lately implying or directly stating that Mick Huckabee has dropped out of the race to be the next president of the USA. Anyone who has been following Huckabee closely knows that these claims are false. The anti-God crowd fears Huckabee. They want him out of the race, because they know he is the strongest conservative presidential candidate this country has ever had in its history—stronger even then Ronald Reagan. If they can’t force him out of the race, then they hope to pressure him into prematurely announcing that he is running. That way he would have to give up his Fox news broadcasts, and thus give up his ability to address the nation with his views. He is too wise to fall for that trick, and that makes the anti-God crowd fear him all the more.
Hogan Gidley, Executive Director of HuckPAC sets the record straght:

“National polling consistently shows Governor Huckabee is the frontrunner – so we expect a certain amount of unfounded speculation, odd rumors, and sadly, the occasional lie lobbed our way. But the Governor himself has been quite clear on this matter. He has truthfully and repeatedly stated that he is seriously considering a run for President but he won’t make that decision until this summer – and that has not changed.” (Setting The Record Straight)

Huckabee is the wisest, most honest, most sincere, and the most experienced candidate for president our generation has ever seen. He also is a very friendly and likable man, not soon angry, and strong in conservative convictions. He is mentally and emotionally well balanced. He also has guts and determination. These are the traits of a very great leader. Don’t worry. Huckabee is not going to drop out of the race. In reality, he is already running it and winning it. We may as well start calling him President Huckabee right now.

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