To Islamists democracy and freedom are “corruption”

George W. Bush learned the hard way that democracy only works with a people who practice Bible-based culture. He pushed for democracy in the West Bank and Gaza, but the Muslims there voted for radical Islam instead of for democracy, thus ruining Bush’s peace plan. In countries that practice atheism, democracy eventually degenerates into a socialist or communist dictatorship. If a nation of devote Muslims (such as Iraq and Afghanistan) is liberated and given free elections, its Muslim citizens will eventually vote to enact Islamic sharia law—thus immediately ending their democracy. Dedicated communists and dedicated Islamists consider democracy and freedom to be “corruption.” Last Wednesday, 02 Feb 2011, Sean Hannity interviewed a Muslim cleric named Anjem Choudary, who told Hannity: “Sharia will come and it will remove the corruption of democracy, and freedom, and all of your exploitation. You are worried because you know Islam is coming to your backyard.” (Islamist Tells Hannity: U.S. Will Fall to Sharia).

You can watch the interview yourself here:


Sharia motivates Muslims to murder Jews simply because they were born Jews. When radical Islamists are in the majority, the only way they can be kept from murdering Jews is by the brute force of dictatorship. Democracy will only survive long-term in a Bible-based culture.

An important fact to consider:  Mubarak has honored Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel his entire reign of 30 some years.

Will the Egyptians be more free or better off economically under sharia law. History indicates just the opposite. And if it is true that the Obama administration has been secretly aiding the radical Islamists to overthrow Mubarak,  then Obama has once again put America and her allies is even greater danger than before. Obama consistently sides with the enemies of the USA.

Huckabee is right about the current crisis in Egypt.

Huckabee recently warned that backing the protesters could lead to an Islamist government in Egypt that would threaten Israel and the rest of the region. Israelis do understand Mubarak’s social and economic policies have fueled public backlash, but in turn are uncomfortable with the message the U.S. reaction is sending, he said.

“The United States’ deafening silence toward not even acknowledging any role that he [Mubarak] may have played in a peaceful border, between Egypt and Israel, is what’s of great concern,” Huckabee said.  (Huckabee: Israel Fears Standing Alone)

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    Alan West broke away from the you owe me mentality and did soehmting with his life serving as an officer in the military, having a B.A. and two masters degrees in Political Science. The liberals don’t like him because he is a black conservative, and he strongly airs out his views. I am so glad he is in the House of Representatives.

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