Replace over 51,000 pages of tax code with only 35 pages!

Now is the time to start pushing our senators and representatives to abolish the IRS, and to replace it with the Fair Tax. I see no other hope to revive our economy.

There are over 51,000 pages to the IRS tax code. It is impossible for anyone to know or understand it all. Millions of man hours and millions of dollars are wasted in America each year doing unnecessary accounting required by the IRS. Criminals pay not one cent to the IRS and generally get away with it. But most likely you, an honest upright citizen, are breaking some of the IRS rules without realizing it, and if audited could be severely punished for your ignorance. Because of your ignorance you are also probably paying far more tax than you owe. Is that fair?  No. The IRS makes crime pay at the expense of good people, and  is an oppressive monster that needs to be killed.

Criminals could not escape paying tax under the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax is … fair. Total taxes would be far less under the Fair Tax.

The complete Fair Tax code is only 35 easy-to-understand pages! There is no excuse not to read this short document so that you know the truth about the Fair Tax. You can read it here: Text of H.R. 25: Fair Tax Act of 2009

If you are too lazy to read such a short document, then at least don’t cut your own economic throat by opposing it.

Read it. Then ask your senators and representatives to support it.

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