How I’m voting, and why

For readers who live in Oklahoma, this article explains how I’m voting, and why.

State Question No. 744 (Initiative Petition No. 391)


Why? Because the public school system is a very scary example of what is wrong with socialism, and is by its very nature opposed to the teachings of Christ. The funding of public (socialist) schools is simply paying athiests and humanists to brainwash our children and grandchildren to hate God, hate Christianity, hate family, hate the USA, and to become sodomites, abortionist baby murderers, socialists and communists, and to vote Democrat—the party that stands for all those evil ideas. Also, private education is much better and cheaper than public education.

State Question No. 746 (Legislative Referendum No. 374)


Why? Because a person who is not a citizen of our country and state most likely is not going to be loyal to our country and state, and therefore has no business determining the laws that govern and tax us. Democrats, of course, will vote against this, because they know they can pay foreigners to vote for the Democrat rob-the-working-man-to-give-to-whoever-will-vote-for-them agenda.

State Question No. 747 (Legislative Referendum No. 348)


Why? Because term limits prevent corrupt politicians from remaining in office forever. Most politications are eventually corrupted by power, and the longer they remain in office the more corrupt they get. Of course, there are exceptions to this, and Senator Inholf will always have my vote, as long as he continues to vote as he has in the past. He is one of the very best of the best.

State Question No. 748 (Legislative Referendum No. 349)


Why? Because this bill seems to me to be designed to assure that voting districts are divided up fairly, rather than allowing one party to divide them up in such a way as to assure that their party always wins elections.

State Question No. 750 (Legislative Referendum No. 350)


Why? Because this bill makes it easier for the people to force a matter to a public vote.

State Question No. 751 (Legislative Referendum No. 351)


Why? Because Jesus was correct in stating, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” One of the reasons that America became great is because it was tied together by a common language, and therefore people could understand each other and cooperate together better. A common language produces unity. The Democrat Party leaders are internationalists who want this county to be destroyed and replaced by a one-world government. So, naturally they oppose this bill.

State Question No. 752 (Legislative Referendum No. 352)


Why? Because this bill increases the number of people involved in nominating judges, and requires that at least some of them have no family members who might be potential judges, thus making it harder for the party in power to fill the courts with corrupt judges.

State Question No. 754 (Legislative Referendum No. 354)


Why? Because the Democrat Party wants the laws of the states surrounding Oklahoma—laws Oklahomans have no means to influence—to govern Oklahoma. That is wicked, and must be firmly opposed.

State Question No. 755 (Legislative Referendum No. 355)


Why? Because this bill assures that we are judged by our own laws, and not by the laws of foreign countries which may have oppressive, dictatorship-socialist governments. When we can be judged by laws we did not make, then we are no longer a free people. The bill also assures that we are not judged by Islamic Shariah law, which is the most oppressive, anti-women, and anti-Christian laws that the world has ever known. Democrats claim to believe in separation of church and state, but they will oppose this bill, thus showing what hyprocrites they are.

State Question No. 756 (Legislative Referendum No. 356)


Why? Because this bill makes a very loud and clear statement that ObamaCare is the wicked and oppressive socialism that it is.

State Question No. 757 (Legislative Referendum No. 357)


Why? Because any time funds build up, Democrats want to waste them. So it is best not to let any funds build up.

State Officers, Congressional Officiers, Legislative, District and County Officiers

Vote straight Republican

The Democrat Party stands for abortion, sodomy, the legalization of illegal immigration, activist judges who ignore the US Constitution, the unbridled wasting of our children and grandchildren’s heritage, atheism, humanism, socialism, and—to an alarming degree—communism. It is anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-God to vote Democrat.

Hopefully, you were diligent during the primaries to assure that the Republicans presently on the ballet are good people and not RINOs—that is, Republicans in name only.

Judicial Retention

NO for all of them.

The judicial branch of our government is the most corrupt, and it is almost impossible to find out anything about the judges. So, if you don’t know for sure that a judge is a good and fair one, it is best to vote him or her out of office. Of course, vote “for” any judge you know for sure is a good one.

Judicial Officiers

I make no strong recommendation. From what little I’ve been able to learn, both candidates are nice people. However, Pat Crawley has the most experience, and is said to have done a good job in his present position, so I’m voting for him, unless someone can give me a good reason to change my mind.

Your whole future, and the future of your children rest upon this election. Vote for good people, else you will be trampled under foot by wicked people, and the great America of the past will be no more.

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    I found your insight very helpful in making my decision. Thank You! Doug Fischer

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