Real scientists see the finger of God in everything

If you are interested in the latest cancer treatments, keep your eye on Dr. David Sidransky.

“Dr. Sidransky, Professor of Oncology and Director of the Head and Neck Cancer Research Division at Johns Hopkins University, was recognized by TIME magazine in 2001 as one of America’s top physicians and scientists for his work on early cancer detection and prediction methods. He is also one of the most cited scientists in medical and scientific journals in the world.”

In telling why he is ‘”extremely enthusiastic” that treatments will soon be able to vastly prolong the life of some cancer patients, and cure others,…Dr. Sidransky explained a revolutionary process by which an individual’s tumor cells, and therefore the genetics of the tumor, are implanted in mice, and a colony of mice with the implanted gene is grown. This technique allows researchers to test various oncology drugs on the gene and quickly determine a specific, personalized treatment for the patient.’

You can learn more about Dr. Sidransky here:

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This is what Dr. Sidransky says about belief in God:

 “Just a few years ago… about 80 percent of scientists said that the more they understand about the way the world works, … [the more they realize] that in fact there was a great power that created this,” Dr. Sidransky said.  “When they looked at really the top scientists, those that are really leading the field, it was virtually 100%.  And it really takes those that know the most to realize that they know the least, that there’s still so much more to know… you’re seeing the etzbah elokim, the finger of G-d, in everything that you do.”  (The Man Who has Cancer on the Run)

Note carefully what Dr. Sidransky said: “When they looked at really the top scientists, those that are really leading the field, it [the realization that God created this universe] was virtually 100%.” Real scientists see the finger of God in everything. Evolution, the idea that the universe and humans came into existence without God—is not science. Evolution is the religious dogma of the atheist religion called humanism. Evolution is not science; it is blind faith in never seen miracles by an imaginary force. Evolution is idolatry.

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