Rotting because of an atheist/humanist value system


I know nothing about the man speaking in this video, but I do agree with what he says about Americans’ value system. America has rejected God, and has lost her common sense. Sin is dragging her into Hell. She is making life-changing decisions while high on drugs. The results are proving to be catastrophic, but like a drunk waking up with a hangover, all she is interested in is getting drunk again. The monster tornado funnel of doom rapidly coming upon her isn’t even noticed. Never has America been in such danger.

The most important issue facing America isn’t the economy, but rather the rapid decline of morals, resulting in a warped value system. It is sin that is destroying our economy, and only repentance of that sin can cure our economy. If in the face of the systematic murder of millions of unborn babies, and the sodomizing of the few youth that are born, all you are concerned about is the economy and sports and movies, then you are a hedonist and materialist, pure and simple, and you are heading for unbearable pain. As things stand right now, America is at war against God, and so God is letting her suffer the bitter consequences. America has just begun to suffer. She doesn’t know what pain is yet.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God” (Psalm 9:17).

You have been warned!

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