EXTREMELY ALARMING: Obama declares intention to indefinitely jail people without trial for crimes they haven’t even committed!


In this video Obama makes the most direct anti-freedom statements I have ever heard in my life. He directly declares his plan to indefinitely imprison without a trial innocent people who have not committed a crime, but whom he believes might someday commit a crime. You can be sure that the innocent people he is talking about imprisoning are the critics of his socialist/communist agenda. The dictators Lenin and Stalin and and Pol Pot and Hitler never made remarks more scary. I’m beginning to seriously doubt that Obama intends for there to be free elections in 2010 or 2012 or ever again.

If you are of the younger generation, and do not understand what is wrong with communism or socialism, read What’s wrong with communism? If after reading that you still don’t understand, then perhaps you should make a trip to Viet Nam or North Korea or Cuba to learn first hand the horrors of atheist political ideologies, and experience for yourself the poverty of a socialist economy. Of course, if you are paying attention, you will note that our own economy is already in a sharp decline caused by socialism. The present high unemployment rate should make some flags go up in your brain.

Please send everyone you know the link to this web page! Oppose Obama while you still can. Don’t wait until he carries out his clearly stated intentions, for then it will be too late. He has directly declared his plan to commit a mass crime against humanity. Stop him while you can. If anyone should be indefinitely detained it is Obama himself. But let him have the fair trial he intends to deny others first to see if he is really a legitimate president, or an usurper. If he is an usurper, then he is a criminal.

Someone said, “God and Obama are alike in that they both are not citizens of the USA. Where they differ is that God does not think he is Obama.” This statement is at least half true, and appears to be totally true. Obama wants to imprison people without a trial. We just want Obama put on trial to force him to prove that his home country is not Kenya when his wife and the ambassador from Kenya say it is — and as the fact that he refuses to produce a legitimate birth certificate seems to indicate. Seems more than fair to me, especially considering how easy it would be for him to produce the birth certificate — if he actually has one.

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    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Paul's Gravatar Paul
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    Why doesn’t Obama speak of freedom? Who is going to be detained?

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