Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil!

Hitler got control of the youth in Germany, and used them to spy on their neighbors and parents and each other.

Children in Germany were taught to think of Hitler as their spiritual Father who cared for them and was all wise. No one was allowed to question Hitler, not even parents or grandparents. The children were taught to be brutal. They were taken into Hitler's youth army at the age of 10 years, so as to be easy to mold. What is going to happen to your children or grandchildren?

What the Obama administration is doing right now in public schools is so unbelievably evil and wicked that it should make the hairs stand up on the back of our necks. They want our children in their communist youth army and in their sodomite parties. If you have children in public school, you need to get them out immediately before they are turned into militant-communist-community-organizer atheist sodomites dead set on destroying you and all that America has ever stood for. And, no, I am not exaggerating.

URGENT: read this carefully: Obama recruiting radicals in high schools

And this: Obama Organizing in High School

Then spend a few hours reading all the material linked to here: Mitt Romney: king of sodomites

Then sit down with your children and ask them if these things are going on in their school.

Folks, in the entire history of the USA, our families, churches, and country have never been in such danger. We cannot wait until 2012 to stop this man. He must be stopped now! We are about to totally lose our freedom.


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