Vote ALL incumbents out? No! not Sen. Inholfe!

Sen. Inhofe is an excellent example of good men we must keep in office. He is shown here with our troops in Iraq. Inholfe is a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. We need his wise experience in this critical position.

Vote all the wicked politicians out of office: YES! But don’t be a fool and vote the good guys out too.

An e-mail has been circulating which advocates voting all incumbent congressmen — no matter who they be — out of office in forthcoming elections. That is a very stupid, dumb and foolish idea that will only assure that wicked men continue to control our government. Good, honest men are hard to find. You don’t want to vote them out of office — why punish the good guys for what the bad guys have done? That is not right. If a criminal robs your neighbor should you be put in prison along with the criminal? Don’t punish good guys for what bad guys do.

To put it bluntly, if a person is too lazy to do the research necessary to determine what a candidate stands for and how he has voted in the past, that person should repent of such laziness for the sake of his or her family and country, or at the very minimal should seek out a godly person that does do the research to seek guidance. But don’t just blindly vote out of office every good and righteous man along with the crooks.

An example of a man that should NOT be voted out of office is U.S. Senator from Oklahoma James M. Inholfe. I have followed this man closely for many years. He is a good, honest, and courageous conservative, who did not support even President Bush when Bush proposed liberal ideas. He opposed the bailout. He opposes Cap and Trade. He opposes ObamaCare. He opposes abortion. He is one of the strongest supporters of national defense.

“Sen. Inhofe has consistently opposed every massive government bailout and is one of 12 senators (all republicans) to have voted against TARP, auto bailout and the stimulus.” One of the 12 best men in congress, and we should vote him out? No! No! No! NO!

Inholfe has vigorously exposed Global Warming as a false doctrine of the humanist/atheist religion. You will smile upon reading this: FORMER VICE-PRESIDENT AL GORE’S REFUSAL TO TAKE THE “PERSONAL ENERGY ETHICS PLEDGE”. And be sure to read this report linked to from Inholfe’s website: More Than 700 (Previously 650) International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.

Inholfe is a champion of free speech. He recognizes that the deceptively-named “Fairness Doctrine” isn’t fair at all, but is simply an attempt of extreme left-wing, radical Democrats to silence critics of their wicked, America-destroying agenda. “The Fairness Doctrine represents a serious threat to free speech and muzzles the expression of opinion…I, for one, believe that issues and ideas, like candidates for public office, must stand on their own merits. In the marketplace of ideas, consumers will make the final decision on what is ‘fair.'” – Sen. Inhofe on the Fairness Doctrine.

Inholfe stands strong against illegal immigration. He says:

Securing America’s porous borders and controlling illegal immigration are two of the most important issues for the future of our country. That is why I have introduced the ENFORCE Act to increase criminal penalties for first-time illegal entry, increase the number of agents available to police the border and establish criminal penalties for forging federal documents.

Our constituents throughout the country have spoken loud and clear and elected officials in Washington, D.C. should listen. Any immigration solutions need to adhere to the following principles:

* No proposals that grant amnesty or that would shortcut the naturalization process.
* No proposals that reward illegal aliens for their illegal acts.
* No proposals that perpetuate the porous nature of our borders.

Inholfe is a good and righteous conservative leader who has stood firmly for honesty in government when few other men did. To learn more about his stand on key issues, and to see his voting record, spend a few minutes on his website:

I have used Senator Inholfe as an example, but there are many other good men also. And it would be disastrous to vote them all out of office. Let us be wise men, not fools.

Click here to learn of more good men to make sure you vote for, not against — even if they are incumbents.

Obama and his Chicago gang is in office because too many people were too lazy to check the facts. In case you don’t realize it yet, the main stream media cannot be believed — they lie. To get the truth you must do research on the Internet (being skeptical there also), check to see how candidates voted in the past, and phone or e-mail the candidates and ask them pointed, well-thought-out questions about their beliefs on key issues. Don’t believe what anyone says without checking it out. The future of your family and nation depend on how you vote. Don’t get emotional and vote stupid. Be calm, take the time to get the facts, and vote smart.

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    If one person votes against the incumbent, its only one vote. A person on the ballot against an incumbent takes away many votes from the incumbent. In Maryland, the filing fee is $50.00 for the House of Representatives, $100.00 for the Senate. If hundreds or even thousands of ordinary citizens filed to be on the ballot to run for congress, then they would effectively take away many votes from incumbents.
    If you could get 2500 citizens to run against an incumbent Senator, or congressperson, the incumbent would be one of 2500 names on the ballot, and the chances of getting 50 % majority of the votes to win would be greatly reduced. A sum of $100,000.00 would pay 2000 filing fees for the House, or 1000 candidates for US Senate. A million dollars would pay for 20,000 candidates for the House of Representatives, or 10,000 candidates for a Senate seat.
    Imagine what an incumbent Senator would do with 9,999 other names on the ballot? The point is that the method is legal and would be the most effective way of eliminating all incumbents.

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