Mitt Romney — king of Sodomites

Mitt Romney --- king of Sodomites
Mitt Romney --- king of Sodomites

Mitt Romney --- king of Sodomites

Radical Islamists are a very grave danger to the USA. However, the greatest danger to the USA is not the Islamist threat from without, but the pro-sodomy Humanist movement within which now controls the Democrat Party, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency, and has infiltrated the Republican Party. These people are Hell-bent on using the public school system to brainwash our children into becoming our enemies and enemies of God and of God’s morality.

Hopefully, you are already aware that Obama has appointed Kevin Jennings, the founder of the radical sodomite organization the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), as the “Safe Schools” czar over all the public schools of America. The fact is, Jennings has done more to make the schools of America unsafe than any other person in US history. Jennings is a hard-core sodomite, and his organization is working with satanic zeal to draw your children into the most vile and dangerous sexual perversions. Remember, the only way homosexuals can reproduce is by seducing the children of heterosexuals. The fact that there are so many of them today — when they were virtually non-existent 50 years ago — shows just how expert they are at seducing.

The Massachusetts organization MassResistance, says the following about Jennings:

Jennings began his gay activist career here in Massachusetts as a teacher in Concord, MA. He started the infamous “gay straight alliance” clubs in schools here. MassResistance has been exposing this for over 15 years.

Here is just some of what Jennings and his organization GLSEN have done:

To read the rest of the article, click the following link to the long list of abominations committed by Jennings and his organization which MassResistance exposes: White House “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings: How he pushed the homosexual agenda to kids in America’s schools

After spending several hours going through all the facts MassResistance gives proving the moral corruption and depravity of Jenning, you will appreciate the conclusion of this article: “Safe School Czar” Defends Graphic Classroom Descriptions Of Gay Sex Acts To Children. Read the last paragraph at least.

The Romney connection

“So,” you are probably thinking to yourself, “why is this article titled “Mitt Romney — king of Sodomites”? Why isn’t it titled “Obama — king of Sodomites”? What does Mitt Romney have to do with this sex pervert Jennings? Much! Obama has certainly become the present king of sodomites, but Romney was their king while he was governor of Massachusetts — not king in the sense of ruling over them, but in the sense of giving them the most help and support. I doubt that Romney is himself gay, but he courts them for their votes. As you will see from viewing the following links, Mitt Romney is the most anti-family, pro-sodomy presidential candidate the Republican Party has ever had. He is personally responsible for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Don’t take my word for it, examine the proof for yourself:

The Mitt Romney Report


Why is this important?

This is important information that all voters should be informed of now, because Romney is almost certain to be a presidential candidate in 2012. His company, Bains Capital Partners, LLC, bought Clear Channel Communications in 2006 in a transaction valued at approximately $27.6 billion dollars. Chris Brunner of LRC Blog reports that “Mitt Romney, while no longer the CEO, remains a silent partner of Bain Capital.” So he has the power to promote himself in the news media. Clear Channel owns Premier Radio Networks which syndicates the talk shows of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and many other conservatives. Could this be the reason they supported Romney so strongly in the last presidential primary, even those they knew that Romney is a radical liberal on social issues? Is this why they refused to support — and even slandered the truly conservative candidates? I strongly suspect that that is the case, and that it will also be the case in 2012. Money talks. But it is especially sad to see influential conservative leaders sell their souls and nation for financial gain, like political whores. They talk like strong conservatives in between elections, then, having gained our confidence, recommend we vote for a candidate they claim to be a strong conservative, knowing all along that it isn’t so! Their selfish, greedy, materialism is why Obama is in the White House right now. If during the coming elections we forget their treason we are stupid, dumb, and foolish. We must educate our fellow conservatives not to be so trusting in future elections.

Even fiscally Romney is not a conservative, having signed a socialist health care bill very similar to ObamaCare while he was governor of Massachusetts. Is Romney’s Healthcare Plan Conservative? Answer: No. And don’t overlook this:

Gov. Romney’s universal health care program for Massachusetts includes taxpayer-funded abortions

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. What Romney says is not what he does. He is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). The facts show him to be pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, and pro-socialism. Of all potential Republican presidential candidates, he is the most like Obama. He is the very last person we need on the Republican ticket in 2012.

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