The buck stops there!

I'm never responsible. The buck stops there!

President Harry Truman deserves credit for two things. First, realizing that we were fighting an enemy that would never give up as long they had the slightest hope of winning—the Japanese were the first suicide bombers—, he had the wisdom and courage to drop atomic bombs on Japan. He thus saved thousands of both American and Japanese lives by removing all traces of such hope, thus bringing a speedy end to World War II.

Second, President Truman was famous for saying, “The buck stops here.” By “here” he was, of course, referring to there at his own desk with he himself. He meant that he took responsibility for his own decisions, and would not blame the results on someone else.

President Obama is living by the completely opposite slogan: the buck stops with George Bush. It is amazingly sad to see a man so unwilling to take responsibility for the results of his own decisions.

With the Fort Hood terrorist attack, however, he has encountered an event he cannot easily blame on Bush. Bush’s anti-terrorism policies were quickly and publicly discarded by the new administration. The Fort Hood terrorist attack happened on Obama’s watch, under Obama’s policies.

So, the new strategy is: The terrorist attack was not a terrorist attack, but the result of post-combat stress! But Nidal M. Hasan had never been in combat. And he shouted, “Allahhu Akbar,” before murdering 13 people and severely wounding many more. More than that, he had given slide presentations to military officers, plainly stating that there was a very real danger this would happen. You can view one of his slide presentations here:

Hasan’s “We love death more than you love life” slide presentation.

The obvious fact is that this attack occurred as a direct result of the extreme leftist “diversity” policies of the Democrat Party, designed to protect all enemies of the USA from criticism. Many officers realized that Hasan was a dangerous man, but because of those policies were afraid to report him, lest they themselves be punished instead of him.

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