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WHY THE FAIRTAX IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION—even more important than immigration and abortion

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxbusiness.com”>video.foxbusiness.com</a>The FairTax is the most important bill to ever be submitted to Congress in my lifetime. Why so? Because the FairTax enables the solving of many serious problems that are presently tearing down the USA, and which probably cannot be solved unless the FairTax is implemented. This article will […]

Should Republicans shut the government down?

The most shameful, vile, wicked, evil, abominable government the USA has ever had displaying its PRIDE. Let it hear this warning from God: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). When a Republican is president, the atheist-socialist people of the liberal news media always do everything in their power […]

Romney is a hypocrite

In an article just published by USA Today, Mitt Romney wrote: If I am elected president, I will issue on my first day in office an executive order paving the way for waivers from ObamaCare for all 50 states. Subsequently, I will call on Congress to fully repeal ObamaCare. (Romney: As first act, out with […]

How I’m voting, and why

For readers who live in Oklahoma, this article explains how I’m voting, and why. State Question No. 744 (Initiative Petition No. 391) NO. Why? Because the public school system is a very scary example of what is wrong with socialism, and is by its very nature opposed to the teachings of Christ. The funding of […]

The ObamaCare snakehead

The purpose of ObamaCare is not to improve your health care; its purpose is to inject a lethal dose of socialism into the US republic to kill it once and for all. I read once about a man who chopped off a rattlesnake’s head, kind of like what has happened to ObamaCare as a result […]

Ben Nelson — political whore

The Wall Street Journal points out that in payment for his vote for ObamaCare, Nelson was given “the concession that Congress will pay for 100% of Nebraska Medicaid expansions into perpetuity. His capitulation ought to cost him his political career, but more to the point, what about the other states that don’t have a Senator […]