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Chuck Norris: This man should be the next U.S. president

This man should be the next U.S. president By Chuck Norris First of all, the next president of the United States should not be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Hillary will send us down the same path of destruction as Obama, and Bernie will send us down an even worse path – if worse is […]

Our choice: Impeachment or dictatorship

Tom Tancredo is totally right.  He said today: Have Obama’s actions met the constitutional standard for impeachment? Absolutely, yes. Unless the House of Representatives acts to begin impeachment proceedings against this bold usurper, we are headed for dictatorship. Either the Constitution limits the president’s powers or it does not. If it does, Obama must be […]

House Republicans to Obama: Nuke cut plan is ‘dangerous’

President Obama’s plan to entirely eliminate our nuclear weapons is worse than dangerous—it is treasoneous. It would leave us defenseless.  He needs to be impeached over this before it is too late. In a letter to the president sent Thursday, a group of 34 House members expressed deep concerns about a National Security Council directed […]

Obama releases Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator made long-form birth certificate?

Is it really possible that the Obama people are so dumb and silly as to release a document that is so obviously fraudulent? They must have accidently uploaded a draft file! Amazing! This only makes things a thousand times worse for Obama. Here’s the document Obama claims is his long-form birth certificate; download it to […]

To Islamists democracy and freedom are “corruption”

George W. Bush learned the hard way that democracy only works with a people who practice Bible-based culture. He pushed for democracy in the West Bank and Gaza, but the Muslims there voted for radical Islam instead of for democracy, thus ruining Bush’s peace plan. In countries that practice atheism, democracy eventually degenerates into a […]

Birth Certificate Conspirators

Socialist and communist conspirators continue to say that Obama has a long-form birth certificate while failing to produce it. Every day it becomes clearer that the reason no long-form birth certificate is shown is because there is no long-form birth certificate to show. The following is typical of what these conspirators say: A privacy law […]

In God we trust?

Americans have come to a fork in the road, and are being forced to decide by vote what they will do with God. Never has the battle line been clearer. We are in a civil war of atheism versus theism—Belial worshipers versus God worshipers. In the 2008 election many people were deceived, and did not […]

EXTREMELY ALARMING: Obama declares intention to indefinitely jail people without trial for crimes they haven’t even committed!

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBHnOiBJEjk In this video Obama makes the most direct anti-freedom statements I have ever heard in my life. He directly declares his plan to indefinitely imprison without a trial innocent people who have not committed a crime, but whom he believes might someday commit a crime. You can be sure that the innocent people he […]

Obama: America’s King Rehoboam

Obama’s State of the Union address confirms him to be another Rehoboam. If you read your Bible you know that Rehoboam was the foolish son of King Soloman. In 1 King 12:1 we read that when Soloman died, “Rehoboam went to Shechem: for all Israel were come to Shechem to make him king.” He got […]

The ObamaCare snakehead

The purpose of ObamaCare is not to improve your health care; its purpose is to inject a lethal dose of socialism into the US republic to kill it once and for all. I read once about a man who chopped off a rattlesnake’s head, kind of like what has happened to ObamaCare as a result […]