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Obama releases Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator made long-form birth certificate?

Is it really possible that the Obama people are so dumb and silly as to release a document that is so obviously fraudulent? They must have accidently uploaded a draft file! Amazing! This only makes things a thousand times worse for Obama. Here’s the document Obama claims is his long-form birth certificate; download it to […]

Is Obama irrational or usurper?

Liberals, humanists, and other atheists love to call people who disagree with them names. “Irrational birthers” is the name they call people who believe that Obama should be required to show his birth certificate. But who actually is being irrational? Is is not actually Obama and the socialist atheists supporting him? Is Obama irrational or […]

Birth Certificate Conspirators

Socialist and communist conspirators continue to say that Obama has a long-form birth certificate while failing to produce it. Every day it becomes clearer that the reason no long-form birth certificate is shown is because there is no long-form birth certificate to show. The following is typical of what these conspirators say: A privacy law […]

Two “Where’s the birth certificate?” petitions you should sign

Click here to see a high resolution copy of the above form before the certificate number was blocked out. Ask yourself: why was the number blocked out? Then compare that number with the number on Susan Nordyke’s birth certificate above. The middle numbers should be the same, but are different. Also, there is an additional […]