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Keep the spotlight on traitor Boehner

John Boehner has resigned, but is still Speaker of the House. As a lame duck he is even more dangerous now than before. Watch him try to kiss Obama’s butt (then Nancy Polluti’s lips) as many times as possible for as long as possible. Watch him try to keep Obama’s agenda well funded and protected […]

Should Republicans shut the government down?

The most shameful, vile, wicked, evil, abominable government the USA has ever had displaying its PRIDE. Let it hear this warning from God: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). When a Republican is president, the atheist-socialist people of the liberal news media always do everything in their power […]

We may not get another chance to save the USA

Our country is like this truck. We have already been driven over the cliff. Now we are just hanging there by God’s grace.   We may not get another chance to save our nation from total destruction. God gave us a great victory during the recent mid-term election, but Speaker of the House John Boehner […]

Boehner rakes in cash for openly gay Republican candidate | TheHill

John Boehner is in truth a liberal Democrat, falsely claiming to be a Republican. As the link below shows, he stands against the most basic of conservative ideals. He is a traitor to the Christian faith. A vote for Boehner is a vote against God, country, and family. Boehner has done almost as much damage […]

Ben Nelson — political whore

The Wall Street Journal points out that in payment for his vote for ObamaCare, Nelson was given “the concession that Congress will pay for 100% of Nebraska Medicaid expansions into perpetuity. His capitulation ought to cost him his political career, but more to the point, what about the other states that don’t have a Senator […]