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Real scientists see the finger of God in everything

If you are interested in the latest cancer treatments, keep your eye on Dr. David Sidransky. “Dr. Sidransky, Professor of Oncology and Director of the Head and Neck Cancer Research Division at Johns Hopkins University, was recognized by TIME magazine in 2001 as one of America’s top physicians and scientists for his work on early […]

Ideas, not guns, win wars

It is a major mistake to think that because the USA is a superpower with aircraft carriers, nuclear bombs, and high-tech combat equipment she will automatically win wars. Ideas, not guns, win wars. Some wars are fought and won without firing a single bullet. That is why the Bible says, Woe to them that go […]

Better than Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was by far the best president the USA has had during my 62 years of life. If the word “conservative” is defined to mean basing decisions on Bible principles, then Reagan was the most conservative president during this period of time. He was not perfect. He was not conservative in every decision he […]