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The most dangerous person in America

Who is the most dangerous person in America? It is not Obama. It is not Harry Reid. It is not Pelosi. Is is not Hillary Clinton. These are all exceedingly dangerous people because they are pro-abortion, pro-sodomite, and pro-socialist. But there is someone far, far more dangerous. This person is a RINO (Republican in name […]

How I’m voting, and why

For readers who live in Oklahoma, this article explains how I’m voting, and why. State Question No. 744 (Initiative Petition No. 391) NO. Why? Because the public school system is a very scary example of what is wrong with socialism, and is by its very nature opposed to the teachings of Christ. The funding of […]

Real scientists see the finger of God in everything

If you are interested in the latest cancer treatments, keep your eye on Dr. David Sidransky. “Dr. Sidransky, Professor of Oncology and Director of the Head and Neck Cancer Research Division at Johns Hopkins University, was recognized by TIME magazine in 2001 as one of America’s top physicians and scientists for his work on early […]

Democrat = baby murderer, liar, anti-freedom, anti-America, anti-family, anti-God

It is high-time for the truth about the Democrat Party to be clearly stated. No true Christian, no true American, no honest person, no true believer in God, no pro-life person, no lover of freedom can vote Democrat. Perhaps in times long past it was possible, but not now. Baby murderers No true Christian can […]

The fatal results of birth control

Sept. 11, 2001, was not “the day everything changed,” but the day that revealed how much had already changed. —Mark Steyn in The Future Belongs To Islam Most people are puzzled as to why Muslims have suddenly become such a powerful group in world politics when only a few years ago they were insignificant. The […]

Palin ambitious, weak, lacking convictions

Will conservatives let the liberal, atheist, humanist, and fiscally conservative but socially liberal news organizations pick their presidential candidate for them again? Are conservatives really that stupid? It is becoming more and more obvious that the anti-social-conservatives’ top choices for the Republican presidential candidate are Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Why atheist humanists would like […]

War! Barack Obama versus God

Keep your eyes on Israel! Caroline B. Glick of the Jerusalem Post is right in warning that “Israel is endangered today as it has never been before.” And Barack Obama is the cause. By siding against Israel the Turkish-Hamas flotilla two weeks ago, he signaled to the radical Islamist world that they can now attack […]

In God we trust?

Americans have come to a fork in the road, and are being forced to decide by vote what they will do with God. Never has the battle line been clearer. We are in a civil war of atheism versus theism—Belial worshipers versus God worshipers. In the 2008 election many people were deceived, and did not […]

God versus Al Gore: God wins

Vote ALL incumbents out? No! not Sen. Inholfe!

Vote all the wicked politicians out of office: YES! But don’t be a fool and vote the good guys out too. An e-mail has been circulating which advocates voting all incumbent congressmen — no matter who they be — out of office in forthcoming elections. That is a very stupid, dumb and foolish idea that […]