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UPDATED: An open letter to Shane Vander Hart concerning David Shedlock and Ted Cruz

[UPDATE: Apparently, while I was writing this article, David Shedlock had already caved to the heat his article had generated, and was writing an apology! In typical Republican fashion he put his head down, put his tail between his legs, and admitted to being wrong even though he wasn’t. Now he owes Mike Huckabee, the […]

PREPARE FOR A FEB. SURPRISE: Don’t count Mike Huckabee out

E-mails from the Mike Huckabee campaign: Team, Last week our Iowa team made 9,000 calls asking likely Iowa Caucus Goers who they were supporting. The results were surprising. Roughly 75 percent of the voters we spoke with said they had not decided who to support. And of that 75%, 6 in 10 said they couldn’t […]

On Omnibus: how the individual members of Congress voted

There have been many people stating about the Omnibus bill that recently passed (which funds Planned Phonomania clinics, weakens our borders and funds President Obama’s amnesty plans, weakens national defense, increases government spending, etc.), that those who voted for it should be voted out of office as soon as possible. We agree! So here are lists […]

Huckabee is not a political prostitute

You can help Gov. Mike Huckabee by supporting him financially, then he will be indebted to you (and the other citizens of the USA) instead of to Wall Street and the DC Cartel. Just click the link below: