Dick Morris tells why Mike Huckabee can beat Hillary Clinton


“Well, the one advantage that Huckabee has in facing Clinton, is that he’s been doing it for, ya know, a decade. In Arkansas politics he broke the power of the Clinton machine. I was his political consultant at the time. And when he first ran for statewide office, they worked like crazy to beat him, spent millions of dollars to bring him down, and he’s used to handling that; he’s used to the kind of give and take, back and forth, that goes on with the Clintons. And that’s a good thing that he has going for him. The thing that worries me about Mike, is that the media keeps treating him as a former preacher; forget that he was governor for 10 years, forget his great record on education, forget all the great stuff he did as governor—everything’s gone back to a preacher. They’re treating him like he’s Pat Robertson, but he’s a lot more like Scott Walker than he is like Pat Robertson: a governor with a record.”

I believe that Dick Morris is correct—Mick Huckabee CAN win against Hillary Clinton if he’s the Republican candidate! Look through his record and it’s amazing the things he was able to do as the Governor of Arkansas.

Dick Morris goes on to say that Huckabee should “break free” of the “evangetical gheto” and talk about secular issues, “like income inequality…” Now, I’m not 100% sure what he means by that. If he means that Huckabee should expand his influence, fine. If, however, he means that Huckabee should leave Christians, and stop talking about moral issues (like religious freedom, being pro-life, pro-family, etc.), then Dick Morris is wrong there. Instead, Christians need to get more active in politics to ensure we elect a God-fearing President of the United States of America! Remember that if Lot (Abraham’s nephew) had only won 9 people to God, then all of Sodom and Gomorrah would have been spared (Genesis 18:32)—it only takes a small percent of the population to turn the tides!

Here is something Mike Huckabee said when he addressed the state of Arkansas on the day he was sworn in as Governor of Arkansas:

“Here is what I pledge to you. I’ll make my share of mistakes. Always have, always will. That is why I am grateful to God that He is a God who looks at us – with all He knows about us – and still loves us, still forgives us, still empowers us to go on. Now there will be those who tell me, ‘Mike, don’t make so many quotes from the Bible in your speeches.’ Well, a word to those who would (perhaps with good intentions) tell me not to reference God or the Bible. The fact is that since my childhood, that book and its Author have been the guiding forces in my life. And it would be much easier for me to give up being governor than it would be to give up taking the counsel that I have had from God and His Word.”

Mike Huckabee has the experience needed to win against the “Clinton machine” (as Dick Morris rightly puts it), and he also has the moral clarity to be a great president.

Here is the full address Mike Huckabee gave to Arkansas:

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