Obama’s arm wrestling technique

What the whole world thinks of Obama’s foreign policy.

The whole world laughs as Obama shows how to change the world by talking nice to enemies as he dismantles our military. In case you haven’t noticed, none of our enemies are afraid of us now—not Russia, not China, not Iran, not Korea, not anyone.

Once upon a time a man met a bear in the wilderness. Being a typical liberal, the man had declared the wilderness a gun-free zone to make the wilderness safe. Still the bear could not believe that the hunter really had no gun. “Perhaps he has a handgun in his pocket,” he thought, “I had better be cautious.”  So, the bear carefully approached the man and said, “Can we have a nice talk? After all, all you want is a fur coat, and all I want is a full stomach.” The man smiled and replied, “Oh, I truly am cold, but I would only wear  a fur coat if I could do so without killing an animal. I believe animals are even more human than humans. It is wrong to kill animals. But I would love to talk. Everybody is nice if talked to nice. Maybe you can help me find a way to get warm, and I can help you find a way to have a full stomach.” So, they sat down to talk, and in just a few minutes the bear had a full stomach, and the man got a warm fur coat without having to kill an animal.

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