Monthly Archives: February, 2012 is best news site (formerly WorldNetDaily) is by far the best news site on the World Wide Web.  This does not mean that I agree with every article posted on the site. Certainly not. But you’ll find more true news there than on any other site I know about. You will do well to read the headlines there […]

House Republicans to Obama: Nuke cut plan is ‘dangerous’

President Obama’s plan to entirely eliminate our nuclear weapons is worse than dangerous—it is treasoneous. It would leave us defenseless.  He needs to be impeached over this before it is too late. In a letter to the president sent Thursday, a group of 34 House members expressed deep concerns about a National Security Council directed […]

‘Punished with a child’

Funny! Funny! Funny cartoon!!! Democrats have to practice birth control. Otherwise they end up having to share their wealth with jackass children.  When Democrats have themselves sterilized they do the whole world a favor.  The less voters they produce, the better it is for everyone. ‘Punished with a child’.  

Rick Santorum for President

I’ve decided to vote for Rick Santorum for president.  He does not represent my politics as well as Mike Huckabee, but at least I can vote for him. I can’t vote for Romney because has proven himself to be the most pro-sodomite Republican presidential candidate of all time. He is personally responsible for same-sex marriage […]