Monthly Archives: November, 2010

Who was right about the economy in 2007? Who is right now?

During the GOP presidential candidate debate in October of 2007, Chris Matthews asked all of the candidates to answer this simple question: “How do you think the economy is doing?” The answers given must not be forgotten, for they reveal who among those candidates knows the most about the economy, and therefore is capable of […]

The most dangerous person in America

Who is the most dangerous person in America? It is not Obama. It is not Harry Reid. It is not Pelosi. Is is not Hillary Clinton. These are all exceedingly dangerous people because they are pro-abortion, pro-sodomite, and pro-socialist. But there is someone far, far more dangerous. This person is a RINO (Republican in name […]

Replace over 51,000 pages of tax code with only 35 pages!

Now is the time to start pushing our senators and representatives to abolish the IRS, and to replace it with the Fair Tax. I see no other hope to revive our economy. There are over 51,000 pages to the IRS tax code. It is impossible for anyone to know or understand it all. Millions of […]