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Democrat = baby murderer, liar, anti-freedom, anti-America, anti-family, anti-God

It is high-time for the truth about the Democrat Party to be clearly stated. No true Christian, no true American, no honest person, no true believer in God, no pro-life person, no lover of freedom can vote Democrat. Perhaps in times long past it was possible, but not now. Baby murderers No true Christian can […]

The fatal results of birth control

Sept. 11, 2001, was not “the day everything changed,” but the day that revealed how much had already changed. —Mark Steyn in The Future Belongs To Islam Most people are puzzled as to why Muslims have suddenly become such a powerful group in world politics when only a few years ago they were insignificant. The […]

Rotting because of an atheist/humanist value system

httpv:// I know nothing about the man speaking in this video, but I do agree with what he says about Americans’ value system. America has rejected God, and has lost her common sense. Sin is dragging her into Hell. She is making life-changing decisions while high on drugs. The results are proving to be catastrophic, […]