Monthly Archives: February, 2010

God versus Al Gore: God wins

Advice to Mike Huckabee and his volunteers

Dear Mike Huckabee dan Huck’s Army, I have carefully researched all the potential presidential candidates, and I have no doubt that Mike Huckabee is the man God would have us choose to be the next president of the United States. More than any other person, Huckabee meets the qualifications to be a wise and able […]


Forces are at work right now to divide the conservative vote; formation of third parties is one such force. If we conservatives can’t dominate in one party, we certainly can’t dominate by dividing ourselves into several new parties. For that reason, GOOOH is NOT a good idea. It would split the conservative vote so as […]

Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil!

What the Obama administration is doing right now in public schools is so unbelievably evil and wicked that it should make the hairs stand up on the back of our necks. They want our children in their communist youth army and in their sodomite parties. If you have children in public school, you need to […]