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The USA: love her or leave her!

Obama: America’s King Rehoboam

Obama’s State of the Union address confirms him to be another Rehoboam. If you read your Bible you know that Rehoboam was the foolish son of King Soloman. In 1 King 12:1 we read that when Soloman died, “Rehoboam went to Shechem: for all Israel were come to Shechem to make him king.” He got […]

The ObamaCare snakehead

The purpose of ObamaCare is not to improve your health care; its purpose is to inject a lethal dose of socialism into the US republic to kill it once and for all. I read once about a man who chopped off a rattlesnake’s head, kind of like what has happened to ObamaCare as a result […]

What Americans are sick and tired of

On “Meet the Press,” White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “What we learned from the Massachusetts victory is that people are sick and tired of Washington not delivering for them.” (White House Toughens Tone) No, Valerie, it isn’t that you can’t deliver that we are sick and tired of, it is what you are […]

Haiti Prediction

[We received the following from our good friend Dr. Richard Tosh. Sadly, his prediction very well may come to pass. But I’m not responsible for what the doctor says. Nor is anyone else, including the doctor himself. Well, Obama may be responsible.] This is printed so small so that it cannot be read easily on […]

NO! to a new party

It has been with great joy that I have watched the Tea Party demonstrations during this past year. It has given me some hope that not all American people are as dumb as it had begun to look like they were. To be quite blunt, electing a man to be president who admitted to communist […]

Vote ALL incumbents out? No! not Sen. Inholfe!

Vote all the wicked politicians out of office: YES! But don’t be a fool and vote the good guys out too. An e-mail has been circulating which advocates voting all incumbent congressmen — no matter who they be — out of office in forthcoming elections. That is a very stupid, dumb and foolish idea that […]

Wicked ObamaCare severly punishes married people

The Democrat Party continues to increase its attack upon the family in favor of sodomy. Just a few days after we learn that Obama has appointed a transvestite to an important government position, the Wall Street Journal reports the following: WASHINGTON — Some married couples would pay thousands of dollars more for the same health […]

He lies! 8 Obama lies documented on video

During his presidential campaign, Obama promised repeatedly to broadcast all health care negotiations on C-SPAN, “putting the entire process of pounding out health care reform out in the open” (Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency). The following link opens a video which documents eight examples of his lies: Eight lies promising transparancy. Humanists think it […]